'The Stops', a musical about love, acceptance, and church pot lucks

Oh, My Stars! Productions

The Bartell Theatre

113 E Mifflin St

Madison, WI


Oh, My Stars! Productions presents "The Stops". (Musical/Comedy) - Music & Lyrics by Eric Lane Barnes

Book by Eric Lane Barnes & Drew Emery

Directed by Scott Albert Bennett, September 26th - October 5th in the Evjue Theatre of the Bartell Theatre. 


The Stops are 3 church organists - Rose, Ginny, & Euglena, members of NALOG (the North American Lady Organists' Guild). They are making a tour stop in YOUR town to sing about love, acceptance, The Great Flood, and pot lucks! Their hero, the great church organist & composer Dale Meadows, has been fired from the church for being gay, and the ladies are touring to raise awareness and money for his defense. Featuring three-part harmonies, an exploration of faith, and middle-aged church lady drag, The Stops is a musical with heart.. and casseroles!

AUDITIONS for The Stops will consist of cold readings from the script (sides will be provided) and likely some sing-alongs from the libretto, with accompaniment provided. No prepared auditions necessary. There may be some light choreography!

Dates of audition will be:

Mon/Tue - July 29th and 30th >> 7pm at the Bartell Community Theatre - 113 E Mifflin St - Madison. Please come a little early to fill out an audition form! <<

Rehearsals begin Sunday 8/18 at

St. Luke's Episcopal Church

4011 Major Ave (Sun - Thursdays 7-10)

Performances will be Thur 9/26 - Sat 10/5... with a *required* Church Lady Bingo! evening on Wednesday 10/2. At the Bartell Theatre, Evjue.


Euglena Belcher & Director - Scott Albert Bennett

"She ardently and blindly wishes for salvation for Rose, Ginny

and Dale Meadows, yet she does so without a hint of meanness or cruelty. She’s the nicest fundamentalist you’ll ever meet."

Roles to cast:

Ginny Dooley: Ginny is officially 39 . . . and holding. Blonde. A bit on the wild side, with a fondness for pastels and big hair. Ginny is a good-time girl who wants to be good without abandoning the pleasures that get her from day to day. She loves her men, her music, her wine and her church with equal fervor. She probably has a few tattoos that we can’t see.

Rose Rabinowitz Rigdale: Rose is 50 and in the prime of her life. Although she is now a Unitarian and lives in Upstate New York, there will always be The Rabbi’s Daughter in her speech, her manner, and her sense of humor. Devoted to every cause célèbre that tugs at her big bleeding heart, she has served on the boards of Greenpeace, Amnesty International and Planned Parenthood and, with an idealist’s fervor, still thinks she can wrestle the world into getting along and doing good.

Been to any good POT LUCKS lately?


Please contact us for more info!

** Oh, My Stars! Production roles are volunteer at this time. In the future... Cher, Dorothy, Gaga & other Queer Deities willing, we will begin paying a stipend for all actors, designers, and other production roles. This is the goal. xo