The Mad's Theatre Manifesto

This site was developed to be fully maintainable by nearly all of the individuals in our performing arts community. You can log in to control your information on this site.

This site was designed to be easy to use and promote informational fluidity. No fluff. Just information that organizes itself.

This site will be continually enhanced with new features and data.

This site will always be free to use for the Madison performing arts community.


Special Thanks

Hannah Tomblinson

Audrey Peek

Jason Compton

Matt Reines

Liana Hershey-Nexon

Erik Price

Bob Moore

Martha Bartz



Benjamin Barlow (he/him - The Creator) is excited that Mad's Theatre is finally live! This really has been five years in the making! He spent many weekends and evenings writing all of the SQL, PHP/Twig, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (and all of the CMS configuration) to make this all happen. When Benjamin set out on this journey, he didn't know how it was going to end. Sometimes the weird thing about not knowing how to code something is that you never really know how it'll actually come out the other side (if at all). It's often a compromise between what you know you can accomplish that maybe falls just a little short of what you want versus what you need to learn to get that extra bit of funtionality. Ultimately, he's incredibly proud of what Mad's Theatre has evolved into. While this website is completely free and will not earn revenue from any sources, you may feel compelled to help keep this site running. Benjamin would rather you donate to your performing arts organization of choice, but also wouldn't mind a cup of coffee every now and then :)